onyx_elite (onyx_elite) wrote in knightsofeljay,

Welcome + Cape Stuff

Just a quick note to say hi from your other mod. Looking forward to your posts of a guildy nature.

I've mocked together a cape that I think looks nice. It's not the final cape, what we want you to do is comment saying either 'Yes', 'No' or otherwise and give suggestions on possible capes. We'll try and get one together that everyone doesn't hate.

My mockup

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We may also have a mysterious benefactor hiding in the wings of the guild. bouncedreality and I left our old small guild to form The Knights of El Jay. Our old guild leader is keeping an eye on the guild and if it does well may join later and will bring with him the necessary cash to buy a guild hall.

Something to look forward to.

Anyway bye for now.

onyx_elite, Co-Mod
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