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The Knights of El Jay

Questing for more user pics since 2005

8/13/07 11:32 am - bouncedreality - Anyone still here?


With Guild Wars 2 coming up, I thought I'd see who forgot to delete this community from their list :)

9/4/10 03:52 pm - bouncedreality - Character

Thought it might be an idea to get an idea of who is who in game, so if you reply to this post with your character details I'll update it to include us all - I'll also futuredate it so that it always stays on top if you view the community directly.

Serenity Stormtamer - E/Mo20 (running the prototype of my Eternal Flame build) - currently smacking head against Thunderhead Keep.
Deity Darkstar - N/Me9 (running a curses build) - just post searing
Theo of Avalon - W/R7 (swordsman beastmaster) - just about to go through the academy
Serenity of Life - Mo/?1 (healer) - just started today!

Nuada De Danann - R/Mo20 (ranger-esque) - about to Ascend

onyx_elite & silver_fairy
Karynn Darkwater - N/R20 - ??

8/23/05 08:45 am - bouncedreality - Servers

Due to the fact that we have members in 2 regions, and the european servers are full of nobs on the whole, I would suggest we do most of our gaming on the international servers - we should find ourselves with less lag also.

We can always pop back to the Euro and US servers to recruit more people.

8/22/05 04:30 pm - onyx_elite - Welcome + Cape Stuff

Just a quick note to say hi from your other mod. Looking forward to your posts of a guildy nature.

I've mocked together a cape that I think looks nice. It's not the final cape, what we want you to do is comment saying either 'Yes', 'No' or otherwise and give suggestions on possible capes. We'll try and get one together that everyone doesn't hate.

My mockup

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We may also have a mysterious benefactor hiding in the wings of the guild. bouncedreality and I left our old small guild to form The Knights of El Jay. Our old guild leader is keeping an eye on the guild and if it does well may join later and will bring with him the necessary cash to buy a guild hall.

Something to look forward to.

Anyway bye for now.

onyx_elite, Co-Mod

8/22/05 03:05 pm - bouncedreality - HELLO LiveJournal!

Doesn't have quite the same ring as "Hello Los Angeles!" does it? Still, better than "Hello Milton Keynes!" I suppose.

Welcome to the Knights of El Jay, I'll try and knock up some gfx or a banner or something tonight if I'm bored or GW is crashing on me again.

Until then, let's get to know each other with a poll!

Poll #556852 Guild Wars questions

What game types do you enjoy?


How do you feel about capes?

Hate em
Would have one if it meant getting a Guild Hall, but otherwise don't like em
Not fussed
Love em!
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